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Try the Shawnee National Forest for Hiking

If you haven't been hiking in Illinois then you haven't been hiking. Take one step onto the Shawnee National Forest and you will understand. Here, in Southern Illinois, along with the beauty and majesty, within the history and lore of the Shawnee National Forest, hikers can experience the bridge to the West or breathe in the view offered by the window to the South.

Bordering the Mark Twain National Forest and Missouri, these trails open up views and scenes that must be seen to be appreciated. Immediately to the east and south, hikers can also witness the panoramic views and southern borders of Tennessee. If you haven't been hiking in Illinois, then you haven't been hiking, not like this.

Pack a lunch, take some friends, or if you are an experienced hiker, then head out on your own to take in the wisdom, the calm, and the beauty nature offers us. For more information about the trails in and around southern Illinois or if you would like to find out about places to stay, then we would love to help. Contact Skyline View Cabins today, and let's get started on planning your next great adventure and your next hike in Southern Illinois. Welcome to the bridge to the West and the window to the South.

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